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Trust Teton Therapy for Healthy Hands & Wrists!

Picture this. It’s a beautiful summer day outside. Birds are chirping, the bright sunlight shines through your window, and you decide that you want to take a morning stroll around the neighborhood. You put on your walking shoes, grab your water bottle, turn to walk out the door, then suddenly, “BAM.” Your feet fly out…

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Teton Therapy Workshops

Our fun, FREE, informative workshops are our way of saying thank you to our valued patients & communities of Wyoming for allowing us to serve you. These workshops include unique exercises, special features, and specific techniques used by our Physical Therapists to help relieve your pain. “These workshops are a great way to demonstrate some…

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What in the World is Occupational Therapy?

What is Occupational Therapy? April is Occupational Therapy Month! Every year, we love to celebrate this amazing profession that has been around since World War I (that’s over a hundred years!). Despite being more than 100 years old, many people still don’t know what the heck occupational therapy is. For those of you who have…

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Easing Into Your Exercise Routine

After an injury or just a lazy winter, reintroducing physical activity can be difficult & stressful. By doing routine exercises and Physical Therapy, you can improve performance & get back to improving your health! When taking time off from physical activity, your body is likely to lose tone, condition, and flexibility. Letting yourself ease back…

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Trust Teton Therapy to Relieve Your Neck Pain!

Neck pain is often associated with tightened muscles, poor posture, daily stress, lack of activity, and being on a computer for long periods of time. At Teton Therapy, we see firsthand how neck pain affects individuals from doing what they love and need to do in life. Many patients who come in for physical therapy…

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Say “Sayonara” to Splitting Headaches

 Headaches are frustrating to manage & one of the most common of all physical complaints Headaches are a complex and confusing form of pain. You either know someone who deals with headaches or you struggle with them yourself. The majority of headaches are caused by stiff muscles, tight joints, and poor posture. Many patients who…

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New Year Means New Insurance Benefits

You need 2019 to be a healthy, happy, and pain-free year! Here’s the deal: It’s a new year and many of us have restarted our insurance benefits. It’s very likely that your Physical and Occupational Therapy benefits have refreshed and you have access to all of your allotted PT and OT visits. This is especially…

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Preventing Winter Slips, Trips, and Falls

Winter weather can create hazardous conditions, making slips, trips, and falls more common for all of us. Take time to address winter hazards and avoid injuries!     Although falls are a constant concern regardless of winter, individuals need to be especially careful in avoiding falls during the winter time. Cold temperatures can create normal environments…

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Wait, What? FREE Consultations?

Nothing is free anymore, right? WRONG! We often tout our free consultations, and We are often asked why we provide free consultations at our clinics.  A founding principle at Teton Therapy is that no one should have to live in pain.  You may need physical or occupational therapy to relieve your pain, or you may…

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