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Pediatric Therapy

Our children are precious. They enrich our lives as we guide them, nurture them, teach them, and protect them. But sometimes things happen that we can’t foresee. Injury and illness can happen to anyone, but neither you nor your child has to navigate the aftermath alone. Whether they tore a ligament during a basketball game or are recovering from an illness, our therapists are ready to help them heal!

At Teton Therapy we treat children aged 0-17 with orthopedic, neurological, and other problems or injuries. Children have special needs when it comes to recovering from an injury, fracture, surgery, or pain. For instance, as children develop, special care must be made to address their future mental and physical development. Each child is different and each situation is unique. At your child’s first appointment, we’ll thoroughly analyze their physical and mental condition, and create a customized treatment plan that’s optimized for them. Not only will this help them recover, but it will hopefully set the stage for a whole-picture, proactive lifestyle in the future. Overcoming trials and challenges with proper support and help at a young age can give them a deep well of confidence from which to draw in their future life.

The Teton Therapy staff loves working with tiny (and not-so-tiny) humans! We’re truly invested in your child’s recovery, and will work hard to create a long-term relationship with your child and family.

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I was referred to Teton Therapy by my healthcare system and was immediately impressed by the time and attention I was given for treatment. Kenny and Ashton handled most of my therapy, but the entire staff was amazing. Everyone was knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. After several weeks of treatment, I noticed a marked improvement in mobility and range of motion. Would definitely recommend this facility for anyone looking for a good PT!



Wonderful crew who do an amazing job! The therapy is incredibly effective and the team makes you feel comfortable and are very encouraging and engaging!



The staff here is absolutely amazing, they have been helping me with the issues I’ve been having and they are very friendly and patient oriented!