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What in the World is Occupational Therapy?

Ginny Rieger, co-owner and occupational therapist in Sheridan, and her client, Nathan. What is Occupational Therapy? April is Occupational Therapy Month! Every year, we love to celebrate this amazing profession that has been around since World War I (that's over a...

Easing Into Your Exercise Routine

After an injury or just a lazy winter, reintroducing physical activity can be difficult & stressful. By doing routine exercises and Physical Therapy, you can improve performance & get back to improving your health! When taking time off from physical...

Trust Teton Therapy to Relieve Your Neck Pain!

Neck pain is often associated with tightened muscles, poor posture, daily stress, lack of activity, and being on a computer for long periods of time. Teton Therapy Physical Therapist, Ashton Hanson, works with a patient, Kevin L., on neck exercises. At Teton...

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