Referring to Teton

When there is pain, it often leads to questions as to the true origins of the pain. Is it a disc, muscle strain, irritated nerve, or something else? Putting all symptoms together is important to determine whether the pain is musculoskeletal or from some other source, so that the right path to full recovery is found.

Pain is the body’s way of signaling there is a problem. Resolution of this pain or limitation while doing activities such as walking, bending, or reaching is the goal of both patients and doctors. Treatment should be a multi-pronged approach utilizing medication to help deal with the pain and decrease inflammation and physical therapy to treat the main cause of the problem.

Physical therapy in conjunction with medication will usually resolve most musculoskeletal pain. The sooner therapy is started at Teton Therapy, the quicker the recovery and the less long-term damage occurs to the affected body part. Often surgery can be avoided through the use of Physical Therapy. If surgery is a must, a course of Physical Therapy after the surgery can aid in getting back to normal function quicker.

Referring to Teton Therapy is a simple as faxing a prescription with the patient contact information to the desired clinic. Once we have the prescription, we will handle the rest with the patient.

Riverton fax: 307-856-6459
Lander fax: 307-332-0463
Cheyenne fax: 307-514-6006
Sheridan fax: 307-683-0101

We also offer Free Consultations for patients who are unsure if therapy is the right option for them. After a brief meeting with one of our knowledgeable therapist, we will send off a request for a prescription to your doctor and set you up for a full evaluation.