Worker’s Services

One of the most difficult things an employer has on his plate is maintaining a healthy work force. This can be very difficult in heavy labor type employment where employees are asked to do tasks that require strength and endurance to perform the essential job functions. When injuries occur, it drastically effects overall production. The goal is to have an injury free work force where employees perform their work duties in a safe manner. This can be difficult when new employees are needed. Are candidates physically able to perform their specific tasks or are they an injury waiting to happen? How can an employer uncover these potential injuries or pre-existing conditions of a new candidate or an existing employee? At Teton therapy we specialize in a variety of worker’s services and testing that can be beneficial for employers. We offer pre and post job offer physical tests to answer questions for you the employer. We are able to ask the questions you are unable to legally ask of a potential employee. We also offer post injury testing which can help determine if an individual is able to return to his prior job functions. All of these tests allow the employer to minimize the risk of injury to all employees. If you are concerned about your liabilities and workers and would like more information contact Teton Therapy today for more information on what programs are right for you.