Teton Therapy

Work Hardening

This is a specialized program in which our therapists have been trained. Work Hardening has a different focus from post injury therapy. The focus is to get the worker in work shape to successfully return to their pre-injury job. The primary job functions are simulated in the clinic with indirect supervision from a therapist. This can be done in a group setting in which each patient is working on their job specific tasks required to get them back to work. Work Hardening is an ideal way to get a recovered patient back to work while minimizing the potential of re-injury.

Work Conditioning

This is similar to work hardening but usually comes before. Work Conditioning is performed within the course of post injury therapy and contains a certain work task being performed as a part of the routine therapy treatment. An example would be a carpenter who has a shoulder injury and spends 10 minutes of his therapy treatment hammering over his head. While Work Hardening may contain hauling lumbar and other job tasks as well as hammering.

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