Teton Therapy

Pediatric Services

At Teton Therapy we treat children and teenagers with orthopedic, neurologic and other assorted problems or injuries. Children have special needs when it comes to recovering from an injury, fracture, surgery or pain. For instance, as children develop, special care must be made to address their future mental and physical development. If your child is complaining of muscle or joint pain, is recovering from surgery, is not developing typically, or is not able to play sports or physical activities due to impairments, our expert physical therapists can help.

Adolescent sports-related injuries are on the rise, so much so that many orthopedic surgeons are calling it a “silent epidemic.” Teton Therapists will look at the whole child. Are they participating in year-round sports without seasonal breaks or playing on multiple teams? This increased exposure can lead to significant musculoskeletal injuries, both traumatic and chronic overuse. Our therapists will educate young players and parents about how to prevent overuse injuries and will address the special concerns related to orthopedic injuries that young players face when they are still growing. Call us today to make a pediatric physical therapy appointment or to schedule a free injury screening for your young athlete!