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Brain Injuries and Stroke

Brain injuries are a high-cost disability that can require tremendous changes in an individual’s lifestyle. A large majority of those who suffer brain injuries are children and young adults with motor vehicle accidents being the most frequent cause. The injury can affect a great variety of systems in the body. Motor and sensory systems can be severely impaired leaving the patient with decreased use of a single limb or large majorities of their body.

Physical therapy can provide many options for treatments to aid those who have suffered from brain injuries. Many patients present at different times after their injury ranging from the early stages of rehab to years down the road. Impairments of decreased strength, decreased motion, difficulty walking, and decreased balance are all important parts that can be treated by the experts at Teton Therapy.

The overall rehabilitation of brain injuries can be very complex. Treatments can provide you with care that will help with impairments by increasing your strength and motion while improving overall balance in all aspects of daily living. Other important areas we can address include training you with appropriate assistance devices, recommending wheel chair components to maximize function, and educating family members on techniques of transfers, skin care, and prolonged duration of care that also needs to be addressed outside of the clinic in your home and community.

Strokes, or cerebral vascular accidents, are the third leading cause of death and most common cause of disability among adults in the United States. A variety of deficits can occur as a result of a stroke including impairments of cognition, sensory, motor, and language functions. Motor can be characterized by paralysis or weakness on the same side or opposite side of the injury.

Strokes present differently in person to person. This is due to the interruption in blood flow in the brain affecting a variety of areas. It can change many areas of your life including your ability to communicate with others, move about your environment, or sense harmful stimuli that may be occurring to your own body. Our experts at Teton Therapy have years of experience working with these deficits and can properly address the impairments you may be experiencing.

Rehabilitation of strokes can be very similar to that of a brain injury. Our goal is to maximize your strength, range of motion, and balance to allow you to functionally operate in your home and community. Maximizing walking and wheel chair mobility will be a significant goal in your therapy as well as managing equipment needs and educating you and your family on independent care at home.

Come see our experts at Teton Therapy and allow us to work with you and your family to promote recovery and independence with brain injuries or stroke. The utilization of effective rehabilitation strategies will help you to successfully attain the functional outcomes you will need to live your life to the fullest once again.