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I Have My Life Back: One Man’s Physical Therapy Journey

Teton Therapy is committed to the health and well-being of Wyoming communities. Patients that receive physical therapy and occupational therapy from our staff are treated like family and are our number one priority. A Cheyenne patient, Joseph Bates, has seen a difference in his everyday life thanks to Teton Therapy!


“Since I’ve been going to Teton Therapy, I feel like I finally have my life back! At one time everything was painful, but now my body feels good, the way it’s supposed to feel.”  



Ashton Hanson PT, DPT (left) helps Cheyenne patient, Joseph Bates (right), with his exercises.      

Two injuries Later…

Joseph Bates has been coming to Teton Therapy in Cheyenne, Wyoming for over six months, for two different physical therapy treatments. His doctor diagnosed him with compartment syndrome for his leg.  Compartment syndrome is a painful condition that happens when pressure within the muscles builds to dangerous levels.  This disrupts blood flow to muscles and nerve cells.  His physical therapy program helped relieve his compartment syndrome greatly.  As a result, Joseph returned to Teton for a new injury. on his right shoulder and torn tendon in his bicep.

After his leg problem, Joseph tore a tendon in his bicep and had pain in his right shoulder.  When you tear a tendon on your bicep, you lose strength in the entire arm.  This makes it very painful to do daily tasks such as opening your car door, carrying grocery bags, or picking up your children. 

So, if you have this injury, a physical therapist can help you recover.  They develop a program of stretching and strengthening exercises that help restore strength in the shoulder and repair the torn tendon. 

Joseph has been to different physical therapy clinics.  However, he says Teton Therapy has been the most effective for him:    

“The staff is amazing and really know what they’re doing. They are some of the most well-trained group of specialists I’ve ever known. Other places made me feel the same leaving as when I came in, and now everything feels less tense and more functional.”

Ashton Hanson PT, DPT (left) helps Cheyenne patient, Joseph Bates (right) with physical therapy exercises.

The tricky thing about the shoulder…

The shoulder is one of the most complicated and mobile joints on the human body. It is surrounded by different muscles and tendons, and it is important for our daily movements and activities. If your shoulder isn’t functioning well, it may result in pain, decreased range of motion, and weakness. At Teton Therapy, we design a comprehensive, individual treatment plan that addresses your shoulder pain, and gets you back to doing the important things in your life!     

Why wait?  Call today for a free consultation and see how Teton Therapy can help you!

Take Joseph’s words for it:

“When I leave physical therapy, I might feel a little sore, but my body feels great. I know the best place for a broken body is Teton, you can limp in and walk out strong! Teton Therapy just can’t be beaten.”

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