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At Teton Therapy, we offer comprehensive physical therapy (PT) and occupational therapy (OT) care for a wide range of diagnoses, injuries, and conditions. Below you will find information about costs, what to expect at your first appointment, what to wear, and other helpful information for new patients.

New Patient Forms

To maximize your time with your Teton Therapy therapist, it will be useful to print and fill out all the new patients forms ahead of time. If you need assistance, please reach out to our front desk coordinators. Please bring these forms with you to your first visit, along with insurance information, a photo ID, and doctor referral (if you have one).

Note: You will need Adobe Reader to view and print these forms. Download it for free here.

Covering the Costs

Physical therapy is an investment in your well-being. The Teton Therapy staff understands that some people may need or want help navigating the complexities of insurance. We have an in-house billing team that is available to help you with any questions you may have about insurance or payments.

Teton Therapy accepts most health care insurance carriers, including (but not limited to) Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming, TriCare, Workers Comp, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Every insurance plan is different, so we will not know the exact details until our Teton Therapy Insurance Verification Specialist calls to find out the specifics of a plan. In order to do that, please provide as much information as possible about your insurance plan to our front office coordinator when calling to schedule your initial evaluation.

For those who do not have insurance, we offer a self-pay option. Please read below for more about payment options.

The Teton Therapy in-house billing team will call and verify your insurance coverage. However, it is a good idea to contact your insurance company before your first appointment so that you know how and if your plan will cover your therapy.

After the Teton Therapy billing department calls to verify if your insurance covers your therapy program, this information is promptly relayed to you. The cost of each appointment is only an estimate and may vary depending on how your insurance company processes each service.

Payment for services is expected on the day of service for your appointment unless other arrangements have been made. If you need to make other arrangements, please reach out to Teton Therapy front-office coordinators or billing staff. They are here to help.

Teton Therapy offers payment plans so that you are able to manage healthcare costs and focus on the work of recovery.

We have a $20 Cancellation & No-Show fee. We ask that you call the day before your scheduled appointment to cancel in order to avoid this fee. No insurance companies cover the cost of a Cancellation & No Show fee.

Your Teton Therapy visits will bill your insurance company promptly. Typically we bill for most services within 24 hours of your visit. This means that your billing charges will be posted quickly and efficiently so you aren’t left wondering and waiting.

Once a date of service has been processed by your insurance company, an invoice will be generated that lists what you are responsible to pay as the patient. These invoices are sent out at the end of every month.

To ensure that your invoices are accurate, please check them against the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) that your insurance company mails to you.

Teton Therapy wants you to focus on your recovery, not be overwhelmed by the cost. We have friendly, real live humans with insurance and billing expertise to answer your questions and concerns. Ask your front-desk coordinator or call the Teton Therapy insurance and billing department at (307) 463-0462.

Patient Responsibilities

At Teton Therapy, we have one goal: to help you get better as fast as possible. Each staff member is driven and excited to help you achieve your goals. In order to do this, we need your total commitment to your physical therapy or occupational therapy program. Without your commitment, all of those efforts will fall short. We take your well-being seriously and we hope that you to do the same. If you follow these guidelines, your program will be positive, successful, and possibly even… fun!

We want you to succeed in reaching your goals. If you do not attend your appointments, our therapists will not be able to help you and your treatment will not be successful.

Because we take your recovery seriously, we enforce a $20 cancellation fee for same-day cancellations and no-shows.

Our therapists’ schedules are blocked from morning to evening. It is often difficult to accommodate late arrivals. Please arrive on time to get the most out of your therapy appointment. If you are going to be late, please call our front office coordinators to let them know.

Before coming to your Teton Therapy appointment, please plan ahead and choose comfortable and accessible clothing to wear. For example, rolling up the legs of your jeans is tough to do and it makes the examination of a painful knee difficult. Wear short sleeves or a tank top if we are working on your neck, shoulders, or back. Additionally, wear comfortable clothing and shoes you can stretch, bike, and exercise in.

If you are unsure about what to wear, please call and ask what clothing would be most appropriate. All of our Teton Therapy clinics provide a private place to change if needed.

Teton Therapy staff love questions! They love when patients are curious and get actively involved in their care. Open communication with your therapist is critical to quality care. If something doesn’t feel right, let them know. If something worked well for you, tell them. Working and communicating with your therapist will help you recover quickly and leave you feeling empowered by your health program.

At Teton Therapy you will be assigned homework. The work toward recovery does not stop when you exit the clinic. Your therapist may provide you with a home exercise program and it is crucial that you perform these exercises as directed. This will help you recover quicker which may help significantly lower the cost of your therapy program.

If you don’t feel comfortable performing your home exercises, let your therapist know.

Recovering from illness, injury, or surgery is hard work. Our Teton Therapy staff works their hardest to help you but they need you to be ready to give your best effort. This hard work will help you get back to living the independent, pain-free life you deserve. We promise to be your biggest champions every step of the way.

Teton Therapy, Physical and occupational Therapy in Riverton, Wyoming
Teton Therapy, Physical and occupational Therapy in Riverton, Wyoming

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