Patient Results

  • I feel 100%!

    When I first came in, I had terrible knee pain as the result of a bakers cyst that ruptured.  I couldn’t walk without pain in my knee.  I had to use  a cane most of the time.  Ryan and Kasia worked with me diligently in that area.  At this time, I developed pain in my calf as well, again making it hard to walk.  With Ryan and Kasia’s help, I am feeling so much better and hardly feel pain in my knee and calf.  Thanks to them and Teton Therapy, I feel 100%!



  • They work with you to meet your goal.

    When I set my goals, it was like they set it also.  Very, very cool.  I am so happy I went to Teton Therapy.  Top Shelf! They work with you to meet your goal.  I couldn’t be more happy with them.  I think I can be a poster boy for these guys.  Wow.  They put their heart in the work.  I am very happy with my program and my results.  Thank you guys!



  • I am able to stand longer and stand straighter

    ” I am able to stand longer and stand straighter.  I was using 2 canes to walk and now try to use just one and then only if I feel like I need it.  I love the hands on and feel it has been extremely beneficial even if it does hurt to have the muscles stretched & massaged.  I notice a lot of difference in my daily chores & things I have to do daily.  This is after only 2 weeks.  I am excited to see what the 6 weeks will accomplish for me.”

  • Recovered quickly and with great results!

    Initially coming into therapy following a knee arthroscopy, I was unable to bend my knee fully, climb stairs normally and do normal daily activities without pain. Upon completion of therapy, I am able to return to daily activities, exercise (crossfit) with little modification and climb stairs normally. I feel that without physical therapy, I would not have recovered as quickly and would have been at risk for further injury. I am very happy with my results!

    T. H.
  • Back to playing ball!

    Before coming to Teton Therapy I had very limited movement in my right elbow. I was unable to straighten my arm and couldn’t bend it enough to feed myself. Now I am able to fully straighten it out, feed myself, throw balls, shoot baskets, and move it anyway I could before breaking it with no pain. My arm feels strong again and I have no problem using it now.

    A. T.
  • Chose PT over surgery with great results!

    There is no comparison to how serve the pain was initially to what it is now, much, much better. In the mornings or after sitting in the recliner, I will still have some pain, but it is fairly easy to work out. I feel with stretching and exercise, I am back. I just have to make sure I do it. I am extremely thankful that I did physical therapy rather than surgery. It was a long haul but successful.

    D. K.
  • 100% better!

    I feel, walk, and sleep 100% better now since I began therapy. This is a great place for many reasons.

    B. H.
  • Less migranes

    I can go a week or more without a headache or migraine. I haven’t had to call in sick or leave early at work due to either of these. The headaches and migraines I do get don’t last as long and are easier to get rid of.

    B. S.
  • No longer on OTC pain medication

    The pain from my right knee injury is gone I am able to ambulate without pain in the knee. I feel I am back to my pre injury place. I am able to walk around all day and get done what I need to pain free. I am no longer taking over the counter pain medication.

    M. G.
  • I am a happy camper!

    I am very pleased with the results of my treatment. My range of motion improved significantly. No longer am I experiencing persistent pain. Everyone involved with my treatments was personable and professional. I am now a happy camper!

    J. P.
  • Recovered from my car accident!

    My neck and shoulder feels much better after working with the staff at Teton Therapy. After my car accident, my neck and shoulder really bothered me. The staff assisted me with some exercises that really helped me. Working with them really helped my neck and shoulder pain. I would highly recommend Teton Therapy.

    P. H.
  • Up to speed again!

    I am runner, and I have had a nagging foot injury. After suffering and trying to plow through on my own. I decided to go to Teton Therapy. The pain and mobility were substantially better after I visit! I am certain I will be “up to speed” faster than I could have ever hoped. Thanks Ben I feel silly I waited so long.

    T. C.
  • Walking without a cane!

    PT has done wonders for me I walked in thinking I can’t do that and that I was never going to ever bend my right leg and 90 was impossible for me. Now I’m walking without a cane that I used for over 6 months. I am now at work and off of light duty. I can now do patient care which I love, also enjoy spending time with my family without pain.

    M. U.
  • Movement has been restored!

    When I started I had a lot of pain and lack of movement. Now the pain is gone and movement has been restored. Thank You!

    J. B.
  • Less pain!

    Beginning therapy, I was unable to flex or extend my ankle without a great deal of pain. This is 100% better. My left shoulder gave me daily pain without even using it. I was unable to raise or rotate my arm without pain. I can now go a few days without pain and raise and rotate my arm more freely and with less to no pain.

    K. O.
  • Getting a full nights sleep

    Prior to Therapy I was unable to sleep the night through, work was miserable on my back and I could not find a position that would relieve the pain. After Therapy, all better. A full night sleep is a wonderful thing. Work has become so much more enjoyable, and its nice forgetting I have a back all the time. Thanks Teton.

    R. S.
  • Now I can do most activities without pain!

    Before therapy almost any everyday activity I did, i.e.….getting dressed, driving, reaching for a can in the cupboard, even closing the truck door would cause pain in my left shoulder. Now I can do most any activity without pain. The shoulder feels great!

    J. M.